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APAEM offers a series of leadership programs on different industries, such as Hospitality and MICE, Financial Services, IT, etc. to enhance the strategic mindset and management capabilities of business leaders in Asia Pacific.

Program Overview (Module 1-4)

Asia has become the center of the world’s hospitality and MICE markets. However, we do not have adequate number of leaders in Asia with contextual, strategic, financial, relationship, reflective, innovative and action mindsets to manage the growth and challenges in local and the global markets. With the mission of nurturing the new generation of leaders for the Asia-Pacific region so that they can professionally and responsibly manage the growth and risks, APAEM has launched a series of global leadership development programs. This executive program aims to nurture leaders with the right mindsets and capabilities to manage the opportunities and risks in the Asian and global hospitality and MICE industry.

Program Highlights

Intended Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to lead and grow their companies not only in Hospitality and MICE industries but also plan and execute their internationalization and diversification strategies in other markets and countries.

Participants will become an internationally-competitive and socially-responsible leader with high professionalism and integrity.

Target Participants

This global leadership development program is specially designed for senior
business executives, senior government officials, professors and researchers,
senior consultants and marketers in the Hospitality and MICE industry in Asia-
Pacific. Apart from Asian leaders, foreign executives working in Asia-Pacific are
encouraged to join this program to strengthen their knowledge and capabilities
to manage the opportunities and challenges in Asia and nurture themselves to
become an Asia-Pacific expert.