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The programme applicants are required to have at least 10 years of managerial experience, preferably in Hospitality and Gaming industry. APAEM will assess the applicant’s industry experience, objectives and motivation of taking this program, educational background and contribution to the industry, and decide if the applicant can be admitted to participate in the program. If necessary, APAEM might ask for a phone or in-person interview with the applicants. An official admission letter will be issued to the applicants within one working day after the submission of a completed application form with a cover letter.


Application and Submission Deadline

Please submit your application form together with a cover letter to highlight your industry experience and illustrate your objectives to participate in this program to us on or before Jun 30, 2018. Since the class size will be kept small, only a number of seats are available. Applicants are encouraged to submit their application form and cover letter as soon as possible. Application form can be found in our programme brochure or can be downloaded from our APAEM website. We will assess all applicants’ information and issue acceptance letters to the qualified applicants.


Programme Fee, Registration Fee and Payment Method

The programme is held in Kyushu/Nagasak, Japan. The programme fee of module 5 is MOP 8,000 or USD1,000. The programme fee includes course materials, opening and closing dinner and site visit fees. Excludes air ticket, hotel accommodation, insurance, visa fees and other travelling expenses. After an applicant has received official acceptance of their enrollment from APAEM, they are required to pay 10% of the program fee as their registration fee within one working week. The balance of the programme fee must be settled before the commencement date of the program. Payment can be arranged by cheque, cash deposit, bank draft, telegraphic transfer and e-banking service. Please contact us for payment methods and related information.



A limited number of scholarship are available for qualified candidates. Please submit the application with a cover letter to explain your reason of applying the scholarship and two nomination letters from industry or academic leaders of endorsing your industry experience and contribution for our consideration.


Cancellation, Withdrawal and Refund Policy

APAEM will refund the full payment excluding the registration fee to the applicants if the applicants withdraw from the program by writing a formal letter to APAEM at least one working month from the commencement date of the programme. APAEM reserves the right to refund a partial payment to the applicants based on the reasons of withdrawal and APAEM management discretion. APAEM also reserves the right to cancel any module(s) at any time due to unexpected issues and will make a proportional refund of the program fee to the applicants.


Registration Form

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