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Program Overview

Leading hospitality teams in challenging times requires even more investment and inspiration to truly secure employee engagement, enhance employee productivity and retain valuable talent. Competitive comparisons will be made by hotel and casino patrons in determining who delivers the best customer service experience to them, with inadequate leadership and poor teamwork leading to possible revenue losses. This is also a greater need to cultivate new leadership talent within the hospitality organization to be ready for emerging competition and to continually deliver on future revenue projections.

With this industry perspective in mind the APAEM has developed the Hospitality Leadership Program to nurture the new generation of leaders to manage the growth and challenges in local and the global markets. The objective of this program is to address the scarcity of leadership talents for fast growing organizations that face market uncertainty and instability. This program also aims to strengthen both local and foreign executives to be versatile with the Asia- Pacific opportunities and challenges in order to secure the revenue growth for the organizations and the industry.

Program Objectives

Target Participants

The program is specially designed for senior business executives, managers and heads in the hospitality industry in Macau.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Participants will receive the latest analysis of Macao’s gaming and hospitality sector and be able to apply and engage in critical thinking.

Participants will have a greater regional outlook on the impact of the hospitality and gaming sector.

Participants will be able to build a wider network with hospitality leaders and professionals as well as leading scholars within the hospitality and gaming industry.

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