Changing Customer Preferences in the Hospitality Industry

Customer purchasing power and preferences naturally will change based on global and regional economic environments. In this session, we will discuss the measurements and tools used to better understand consumer trends and segments in the hospitality industry in order to implement timely strategies that can help the organization aim for largest market share and capture new business opportunities within the growing competitive landscape.

The Changing Landscape of Integrated Resorts

Projects such as the Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macau Bridge, Hengqin Island development, and various infrastructure developments within the Pearl River Delta such as the rail, road and airport networks will impact Macao. At the same time the Cotai Strip will host several new integrated resorts and hotel openings. Will those in Macao’s hospitality operations be fully engaged, committed and competent to face the challenges and opportunities of this changing landscape? This session will provide participants with the insights of dealing with future changes in Macao’s environment.

Strategy and Innovation in Hospitality

A culture of innovation and creativity is essential for the ongoing success of an organization in highly competitive marketplaces. This session will focus on operational innovation to deliver value-added customer service and applying efficiency to daily operations. This session will tell you how hospitality leaders and their teams can boost organizational performance, responding appropriately to changeable trends in hospitality through innovation.changes.

Adjusting to Change and Economic Reality

Since mid-2014, there has been a dynamic shift in Macao’s casino industry with an incremental month on month downturn, a first since Macao’s casino liberalization. The majority of Macao’s labour force has been enjoying the benefits given by the casino ‘gold rush’ in the past decade and for many may have therefore never experienced a negative downturn and possible fallout in their gaming and hospitality career. The question is will they be capable to adequately react and adjust to this changing economic environment so that industry productivity is affected? In this session, we will look at effective workforce adjustment to these environment.