2404, 2024

Prof. Youngjoon Choi, Associate Professor of the College of Science and Industry Convergence at Ewha Womans University, visits APAEM


(From left) Prof. Youngjoon Choi, Prof. Rob Law, and Prof. Jacey Choe On April 15, Prof. Youngjoon Choi, Associate Professor from the Department of International Office Administration of the Colleg ...

1904, 2024

APAEM Scholar Prof. Ye Wang shares successful strategy of MEV bots at Web3 Scholars Conference 2024


Prof. Ye Wang delivers a presentation at the Web3 Scholars Conference 2024 Prof. Ye Wang, Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer and Information Science of the Faculty of Science and Tec ...

1104, 2024

Prof. Sili Zhou published study on cross-border peer effect in Chinese and US Firm investments in Journal of International Economics


Prof. Alex Sili Zhou Journal of International Economics Prof. Alex Sili Zhou, Associate Professor in the Department of Finance and Business Economics of the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA ...

304, 2024

APAEM Scholar’s influential role in advancing digital tourism research


Prof. Rob Law Tourism Review Recently, Tourism Review (SSCI, Q1) published a noteworthy paper titled “Digital tourism research: a bibliometric visualisation review (2002-2023) and research agenda, ...

2803, 2024

Prof. Rob Law was invited as the panel chair of the HKCAAVQ Learning Programme Re-accreditation


Group photo Prof. Rob Law, Deputy Director of APAEM of the University of Macau (UM), was invited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) to ...

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Selected Publications

1 Law, R., Lin, K.J., Ye, H., Fong, D. Artificial Intelligence Research in Hospitality: A State-of-the-Art Review and Future Directions. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Accepted.
2 Zhang, X., Wei, X., Zhang, T., Liang, S., Ma, Y., & Law, R. (2024). Power of Sentiment Expressions on Peer-to-Peer Rental Platforms: A Mixed-Method Approach. Journal of Travel Research63(2), 428-446.
3 Shi, F., Shu, L., & Gu, X. (2024). An enhanced factor model for portfolio selection in high dimensions. Journal of Financial Econometrics22(1), 94-118.
4 Chu, A.C. (2023). Natural selection and Neanderthal extinction in a Malthusian economy. Journal of Population Economics. 36, 1641–1656.
5 Shu, L., Shi, F., & Gu, X. Portfolio Selection with Noisy Data. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, In Press.
6 Ma, C., Rogers, J., & Zhou, S. (2023). Modern Pandemics: Recession and Recovery. Journal of the European Economic Association, 21(5), 2098-2130.
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