1106, 2024

Prof. Sili Zhou delivered a speech at the Annual Conference of the Banco Central do Brasil: Exploring the relationship between environmental policies and international trade


Prof. Sili Zhou Prof. Sili Zhou (first from left) delivers a speech at the Annual Conference of the Banco Central do Brasil Annual Conference of the Banco Central do Brasil From May 15 to 17, Pro ...

706, 2024

APAEM Deputy Director delivers an academic speech at Harbin Institute of Technology


Prof. Rob Law presents on the key elements to increase the number of citations of research From May 16 to 17, Prof. Rob Law, Scholar of the University of Macau (UM) and Deputy Director of APAEM, wa ...

506, 2024

Prof. Guangjian Tu appointed as a new member of the Committee on Foreign-Related Trial Theory for the Association of Trial Theory Studies of the China Law Society


Group photo (Prof. Guangjian Tu in the first right of the front row) Recently, the 2024 annual meeting and re-election session of the Committee on Foreign-Related Trial Theory for the Association o ...

3105, 2024

The “Smart Tourism Symposium 2024: International Collaboration” was successfully held


Group photo Prof. Gang Li Prof. Sunny Sun Prof. Robin Chark Prof. Rob Law Q&A session The "Smart Tourism Symposium 2024: International Collaboration" hosted by the Asia-Pacific Academy of ...

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