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112, 2022

“APAEM Roundtable Discussion: Perspective of Industry Executives and Academic Researchers – Bridging the Gap of Technology Applications in Hospitality and Tourism” was successfully held


Guest speakers Prof. Law presenting his research Discussion highlights Prof. Anthony Wong, Mr. Vincent Lai, Prof. Amy So, Mr. Tony Sun, Prof. Rob Law On 29 Nov, the “APAEM Roundtable Discussion: ...

2511, 2022

Seminar on “Contemporary Issues in Macroeconometric Fluctuations, Dynamics and Politics”


“Contemporary Issues in Macroeconometric Fluctuations, Dynamics and Politics” Chair: Prof. Ruiyang HU Panelists: Prof. Feng DONG, Prof. Jakob MADSEN, Prof. Juanyi (Jenny) XU, Prof. Mei DONG, Prof. Z ...

2511, 2022

UMagazine newly published article “Smart Tourism: An Interdisciplinary Exploration”


Prof. Rob Law Prof. Li Miao Prof. Alfred Wong The University of Macau’s (UM) Smart Tourism Research Team is leveraging the smart city technologies developed at UM and the university’s strengths i ...

2111, 2022

“Symposium on Contemporary Issues in Tourism Economics” is open for registration


“Symposium on Contemporary Issues in Tourism Economics” Chair: Prof. Pui Sun TAM Panelists: Prof. Haiyan SONG, Prof. Maria SANTANA GALLEGO, Prof. Neelu SEETARAM, Prof. Paolo FIGINI Date and Time: 06 ...

2111, 2022

Prof. Yubo Tao and his co-authors published article in Journal of Business & Economic Statistics


Prof. Yubo Tao and his co-authors published their article "A Time-Varying Network for Cryptocurrencies" in Journal of Business & Economic Statistics. Journal of Business & Economics Statistic ...

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