In support of interdisciplinary research, APAEM’s role is to serve as a platform for:

  • academics to meet with practitioners;
  • technology to be applied to real-life management and economic issues;
  • researchers from different faculties and disciplines to interact with one another.


The Asia-Pacific Academy of Economics and Management (APAEM) of the University of Macau aims to promote interdisciplinary research that is significant and relevant to the socio-economic development of Macao and the Greater Bay Area.

Specifically, APAEM’s research focus will be concentrated in three major areas:

  • Financial Innovation – Innovation defines the future of financial products, services and processes using new technology. Through interdisciplinary research activities, APAEM will assist the development of Macao into a financial centre supporting trade between mainland China and Portuguese-speaking countries, the integration of the GBA as well as resolving the legal and security issues involved;
  • Smart Tourism – APAEM will support the advancement of Macao as a world centre of tourism and leisure through interdisciplinary research and innovative efforts, including the integrated use of information, technology, and other resources to enhance the overall tourism experience;
  • Asian Economics – APAEM will initiate the study of policies and trends of Asia as the fastest growing economic region and their significant impact on Macao, the GBA and mainland China.