On 16 Oct 2012, Prof. Jacky So, Prof. William Mobley and Mr. Toa Charm, director, co-director and Program Director of Asia-Pacific Academy of Economics and Management, met with the senior management team of Macro Polo Hotel Group in Hong Kong. Mr. Eric A. Waldburger, President of Marco Polo Hotel, Ms. May Pendraat, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Ms. Andre Scholl, Vice President of Group Operations Group and Ms. Alice Yip, Director of Human Resources Development from Macro Polo Hotel, Hong Kong joined the meeting, for exchanging ideas on the new development of the hospitality industry in Asia and exploring opportunities for co-operation in the future.

Mr. Waldburger, President of Macro Polo Hotels, is a highly-respectful veteran in Asia’s hospitality industry. He expressed that it is necessary to strengthen the industrial linkage between the East and West in order to obtain the essence from both sides of the world. Prof. So echoed that there is a strong need to generate local knowledge for Asia for not only contributing to Asian leaders but also helping Western leaders to improve their performance in Asia. Prof. Mobley pointed out that creating local case study is a very effective way to share local knowledge across the industry. Mr. Charm added that APAEM is well positioned to accomplish this key task of bridging the East and the West through research, executive education and development and international conferences.

Both sides agree to co-operate in the upcoming initiatives of the APAEM. Mr. Waldburger also agreed to share his insights in our future executive education programs and university programs as well.