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Prof. Law shares his experience of publishing in high-level academic journals

Prof. Law and Prof. Xiankai Huang

Ms. Fiona He and Prof. Law

Prof. Law experiences Tencent’s advanced CG technology

Further expanding the networks of the Asia-Pacific Academy of Economics and Management (APAEM), Prof. Rob Law, Deputy Director of APAEM, recently visited universities and high-tech enterprises in Beijing to enhance academic and industry collaborations and advance smart tourism development.

From October 16 to 22, 2023, Prof. Law was invited to Beijing Technology and Business University (BTBU) for academic exchanges and was warmly received by Prof. Xiankai Huang, Secretary of the Party Committee of BTBU. Nearly 30 students and faculty members from the School of Business, the Institute of Digital Economics, and the Institute of Culture and Tourism Development participated in the exchange seminars. In the two seminars, Prof. Law shared his experience of publishing in high-level academic journals and introduced the relevant contents of the world university rankings, leaving a profound impact on attendees.

Afterwards, Prof. Law visited Shiji Academy and engaged in discussions on digital hospitality operations with Ms. Fiona He, General Manager of the Marketing Department of Shiji Information Technology. Both sides analyzed the new trend of digital development in the hospitality and tourism industries and explored opportunities for future cooperation.

Furthermore, Prof. Law visited Tencent’s headquarters. Under the enthusiastic guidance of Mr. Hui Sun, Secretary General of Tencent Culture and Tourism Research Institute, Prof. Law experienced Tencent’s advanced CG technology, leading-edge interactive entertainment experience, and smart city achievements in areas like retail and transportation. Both parties expressed their enthusiasm for jointly exploring new avenues for smart city development.