The “Greater Bay Area Market Design Workshop 2023” is an event with the objective of deepening our understanding of market design, an essential subfield within economics responsible for optimizing complex resource allocation problems. The tangible impact of market design is increasingly evident across many sectors. For instance, innovations in market design have led to significant improvements in university admissions systems by ensuring more efficient and equitable student placements. In the realm of public education, market design has been employed for teacher assignment, effectively matching educators to schools based on multiple factors like skills and needs, thereby potentially improving educational outcomes. Moreover, public procurement processes have been refined through well-designed auctions and contracting mechanisms, resulting in more cost-effective and transparent allocation of public resources. Market design principles have also been instrumental in reengineering school choice systems to better reflect parental preferences while simultaneously balancing fairness and efficiency considerations.

The workshop has several targeted objectives: it will serve as a nexus for connecting innovative market design research conducted in China’s Greater Bay Area with complementary efforts in Europe, the U.S., and Australia, enriching the international body of knowledge. The event also aims to provide a platform for emergent scholars to present their work. One of the pivotal goals is to move academic insights from theory to policy, accentuating the societal relevance and practical applicability of market design.

Date: 16-17/10/2023 (Mon & Tue)

Venue: E21B-G002, University of Macau

Language: English

Registration: https://inaciobo.com/workshop2023/registration/

All are welcome!