Prof. Lai introduces the APAEM Research Teams

The delegation listens attentively to the presentation

Group photo at APAEM

On October 16, the Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau led a delegation of Guangzhou industry experts to visit the University of Macau (UM) and the Asia-Pacific Academy of Economics and Management (APAEM) for exchanges. The delegation was warmly received by Prof. Rose Neng Lai, Dean of the Honours College of UM and member of the APAEM Financial Innovation Team.

During the visit, Prof. Lai introduced to the delegation the interdisciplinary research strategy of APAEM and its development in recent years. Prof. Lai also highlighted the outstanding research teams and the seed grant projects of APAEM. Meanwhile, she shared the remarkable achievements and internationally recognized honors that APAEM’s teams have achieved in the international academic field in recent years. In the end, the delegation expressed their delight in having exchanges with APAEM and highly recognized its social impact.

The delegation, represented by the Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, is participating in the “Guangzhou-Macao Cooperation and Greater Bay Area Development Seminar II” in Macao for five consecutive days. The event is organized by the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) of UM and co-organized by the Zhuhai UM Science & Technology Research Institute. The delegation will have a comprehensive understanding of Macao through training and visits and will actively explore the industry-academia-research cooperation between Macao and Guangzhou.