Prof. Alfred Wong

The payment function of over 1,000 Macau Pass has been suspended due to cardholders having same travel tracks with the patients diagnosed of Covid-19. A local organization commented that the Government should speed up the research on the real-name system of Macau Pass.

On the other hand, scholar from University of Macau pointed out that the personal data protection law of Macao has strong protection over personal privacy. Even under special circumstances, the Government has to apply to access the data through standard procedures.

In the interview, Professor Alfred Wong, Associate Professor of the Department of Electromechanical Engineering of University of Macau, mentioned that the personal data protection law in Macao is similar to that of Europe and has strong protection on personal privacy. In normal circumstances, neither the government nor the bus companies can obtain the data of cardholders. When facing an epidemic or a special incident, the government would have to apply through procedures to access the data. He also suggested that the government will need more publicity on the real-name system of Macau Pass if it launches in the future.