Prof. Angus C. Chu

The CGTN Global Business interviewed Prof. Angus C. Chu, Head of the Department of Economics and Project Leader of Asian Economics at the Asia-Pacific Academy of Economics and Management, on Macao’s role in the Greater Bay Area and its future development.

Prof. Chu believed that tourism is the core of Macao’s economy and Macao can become a world-class tourism and leisure center that promotes cultural exchange and international trade between the Greater Bay Area and other countries. Hengqin provides the space that Macao needs to establish R&D centers and industrial parks to promote cooperation between academic research and commercial applications.

The commercialization of technologies in Macao still needs some time to develop, and Hengqin provides the space and opportunities for the realization of this goal. In the future, Macao should harness its advantages as an international and multicultural city with a high level of income and a low income tax rate, to attract more international talents. In short, Macao is an ideal gateway for international expats to experience China.

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Origin: UMAC FSS