Prof. Guangjian Tu

Prof. Guangjian Tu presents a keynote speech

Recently, Prof. Guangjian Tu, APAEM scholar and Professor in Faculty of Law, attended and presented a keynote speech at the 2023 Annual Conference of the Chinese Society of Private International Law. The event was held on 14-16 of September in Wuhan, with the theme “China and the Hague Conference on Private International Law: Integrity and Innovation”. The conference gathered more than 350 delegates, including domestic and foreign scholars, representatives of governments and international organizations, to explore the frontier issues in the field of private international law.

In the speech entitled “Private International Law: the Goal of Uniformity v. the Approach of Scission”, Prof. Tu first explored the concept of private international law and then further elaborated on the goal of uniformity in private international law, explaining why uniformity is necessary and the benefits of uniformity. Additionally, Prof. Tu introduced the application of the scission approach in private international law, raised the current problems and challenges of private international law. He encouraged the participants to ponder on the future direction of the development of private international law.