Prof. Law on TDM news

The Legislative Assembly of the Macau Special Administrative Region discussed and passed the “Macao Talent Acquisition Bill”, which aims to improve Macao’s innovation, competitiveness, and international reputation by attracting top talents to promote Macao’s adequate economic diversification, on May 18 2023. The bill will take effect on July 1, 2023.

Prof. Rob Law, Deputy Director of APAEM and UMDF Chair Professor in Smart Tourism, believes that it is important to introduce relevant talents to better facilitate the “tourism+” strategy, which helps to diversify the local economy and cultivate diversified talents in Macao. He commented that Macao has fallen behind neighboring areas, such as Hong Kong and Shenzhen, in the global talent competition. Macao should speed up the related work to attract tourism-related talents to Macau and promote the development of the tourism industry. He also suggested to take reference from other areas where cultivate tourism-related talents from secondary schools.

Full TDM interview: https://www.tdm.com.mo/zh-hant/news-detail/837287