Prof. Robert Kegan of Harvard Graduate School of Education speaks on “immunity to change”

Robert Kegan of Harvard Graduate School, a world-renowned developmental psychologist and master in institutional change, was invited by the University of Macau (UM) to give a talk on “Immunity to Change” on 17 September 2012 at STDM Auditorium, the University Library. Co-organized by the Asia-Pacific Academy for Economics and Management, the Faculty of Business Administration, the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, the lecture aimed to address a range of change-related issues, including the importance of change, how to effect efficient institutional and personal growth through change, and the difficulties involved that need to be addressed. The speech drew a large audience of UM faculty and students.

The talk focused on leadership development, institutional change and personal application. Through activities and interaction with the speaker, the audience got a real sense of participation, and had the opportunity to give a deeper thought to the theory and to explore it and relate it to their personal experience. Through the combination of theory with application, the presentation aimed to convey to the audience the essence of “immunity to change”, and the fact that our mindset could lead to behavioral change.

A world-renowned guru of change, Prof. Kegan is the William and Miriam Meehan Professor in Adult Learning and Professional Development at Harvard University. He is the founding principal of MINDS AT WORK. Over the past thirty years, he and his partner have helped individuals and corporations realize their developmental goals. He is also one of the recipients of the Gislason Prize for his contributions to organizational leadership. His research and publications in the fields of management, leadership and organizational learning all have had an enormous influence internationally.

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