Prof. Ziqiong Zhang

Prof. Rob Law

On 18th Aug 2022, Prof. Ziqiong Zhang, Associate Dean of Harbin Institute of Technology, was invited to give a lecture on “Smart Users: Effort Management in Earning Rewards” by APAEM.  This online seminar attracted almost 80 participants, including faculty members, master, and PhD students from various universities.

Prof. Zhang’s sharing consists of two main parts. In the first part, Prof. Zhang walked the participants through the complete answering question of UGC, including earning the rewards and quality of UGC. In the second part, she further introduced some common negative jumps in UGC quality and system optimization.

The seminar was extremely engaging and aroused enthusiastic responses. In the Q&A session,  audience including researchers and students raised their questions, which Prof. Zhang answered in detail and patiently. At the end of the seminar, participants found the seminar useful and expressed their gratitude to Prof. Zhang’s sharing.