Group photo

Prof. Gang Li

Prof. Sunny Sun

Prof. Robin Chark

Prof. Rob Law

Q&A session

The “Smart Tourism Symposium 2024: International Collaboration” hosted by the Asia-Pacific Academy of Economics and Management (APAEM) and co-hosted by the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) of the University of Macau (UM), was successfully held on May 29. In order to promote technological innovation and further empower the application and development of smart tourism in Macao, this symposium focused on big data and artificial intelligence and invited three renowned scholars: Prof. Gang Li, Professor in the School of Information Technology of Deakin University; Prof. Sunny Sun, Associate Professor in the College of Sustainability and Tourism of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University; and Prof. Robin Chark, Associate Professor in the School of Business Administration of the University of Macau, to serve as guest speakers and discuss the application of big data and artificial intelligence in tourism research in depth.

At the beginning of the symposium, Prof. Rob Law, Deputy Director of APAEM, delivered a welcome speech to the invited scholars and participating teachers and students, and summarized the current status and future development direction of Macao’s smart tourism. Subsequently, Prof. Gang Li, Prof. Sunny Sun, and Prof. Robin Chark shared their innovative research findings in depth on the topics of “AI-based counterfactual reasoning algorithm”, “customer satisfaction in mobile payment”, and “boundary of smart tourism,” which demonstrated the academics’ in-depth thinking on the cutting-edge issues of smart tourism. During the Q&A session moderated by Prof. Rob Law, the participants were generally interested in the future challenges and extended development of relevant research topics by the scholars. The two parties conducted thorough discussions and exchanges on related topics and shared their respective insights and ideas. The symposium attracted over 50 postgraduate students, researchers, and faculty members of UM, industry insiders, and scholars from the Macao University of Tourism (UTM) and Macao Polytechnic University (MPU) to participate online and offline. The atmosphere was warm and injected new vitality into the international cooperation to promote Macao’s smart tourism.