Prof. Yen (middle) and the entrepreneurial team representatives

Several entrepreneurial teams incubated at the University of Macau (UM) Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship have won awards at the Macao Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2022, including the championship which is co-funded by APAEM. The winning teams will participate in ten international competitions to compete with teams from around the world on behalf of Macao.

At the competition, the ‘ Platform for Financial Computing Acceleration – Building the Application Ecosystem for Chip Industry’ team won the championship. The ‘High-level Silicon-Carbon and Graphite Anodes for Lithium Batteries’ team won seven prizes. The ‘Macau Smart City Terahertz Quantum Energy Saving Plan’ team won three prizes. The ‘Development of Eye Health Care Product from Traditional Chinese Medicine’ team won the prizes. The ‘Brainlightening smart cloud platform of stroke early warning, dignosis, and recovery’ team won a prize.

Source: Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship