Prof. Rob Law (center) and the CMU delegation led by Prof. Winita Punyodom (third from right)

Prof. Rob Law

Prof. Law introduces the strategic implementation of technology in the hospitality industry

Group photo

On February 15, Prof. Rob Law, Scholar of the University of Macau (UM) and Deputy Director of APAEM, was invited to Chiang Mai University (CMU) for an academic exchange to jointly explore future cooperation opportunities with a delegation led by Prof. Winita Punyodom, Vice President of CMU. The delegation included Prof. Worawit Janchai, Dean of the College of Arts, Media, and Technology (CAMT) of CMU; Prof. Jirawit Yanchinda, Deputy Dean of CAMT; Dr. Danaitun Pongpatcharatorntep, Deputy Dean of CAMT; Dr. Vorathamon Cherapanukorn, Lecturer and Researcher of CAMT; and Dr. Arinya Pongwat, Director of the Corporate Communication and Alumni Relations Center (CCARC) of CMU. The exchange encompassed a wide range of topics, including academic research, collaborative projects, and professional exchanges. Both parties expressed their mutual desire to strengthen cooperation and eagerly anticipated working together to promote academic development, foster knowledge exchange, and engage in collaborative research initiatives.

In addition, Prof. Law delivered two keynote speeches at the seminar titled “Uncover the Future: Technology Trend in Tourism, Hospitality, and Academic Excellence.” The seminar, organized by CAMT at CMU, featured Prof. Law’s speeches on “Technology Application in Strategic Hospitality Management” and “Publishing in Research Journals and Mistakes in Academic Writing.” The event was moderated by Arinya Pongwat, the Director of CCARC of CMU. Prof. Law’s keynote speeches garnered significant interest and participation from students and faculty members from various departments, including the Chiang Mai University Business School (CMUBS), the International College of Digital Innovation (ICDI), and CAMT.

In the keynote speeches, Prof. Law introduced the strategic implementation of technology in the hospitality industry, exploring how technological advancements can address business challenges and enhance service quality, and shared a wealth of successful case studies and best practices. Additionally, Prof. Law shared invaluable insights into common mistakes in research paper publication and academic writing, enlightening the audience with practical advice and inspiring students to excel in their future academic endeavors.

Photo Credit: College of Arts, Media, and Technology, Chiang Mai University