Screenshot of the online seminar

Professor Fung Kwan, Assistant Professor of the Department of Economics of Faculty of Social Sciences of University of Macau and APAEM Scholar, participated in the online seminar “International Symposium on the Origin and Model of China’s Economic Emergence “. He gave the presentation entitled “China’s Economic Transformation under Three-Sector Dualism”. Prof. Kwan’s research adopts the dual sector model to explore China’s economic transformation by measuring the size of the surplus labor force and comparing the labor marginal output and wages of agriculture. The study verifies the contribution of China’s labor transfer toward productivity improvement, providing important implications for the industrialization process of developing countries with large populations.

This online seminar was hosted by the Department of Economics of Nanyang Technological University to celebrate the professor of Fudan University, Professor Jun Zhang’s upcoming 60th birthday 35-year teaching. More than thirty scholars who studied Chinese economy from all over the world shared their studies about China’s economy. The seminar lasted for more than ten hours and was broadcasted live simultaneously on Bilibili and WeChat, attracting more than 67,000 views and arousing enthusiastic responses.

Source: FSS