Prof. Guangjian TU

Earlier this month, APAEM Scholar, Prof. Guangjian TU, was invited by Law School of Dalian Maritime University to conduct an online seminar that focused on the recognition and enforcement of non-local civil and commercial judgments in Macao, which attracted a number of teachers and students. Additionally, the Law School of Dalian Maritime University also invited Prof. TU to hold another online seminar from 14:00 to 16:00 on March 14, 2023 (via VooV Meeting, Meeting No.: 40418997830). The seminar will discuss the history, present and future of Private International Law in Macao,

Prof. TU is the Professor and Director for Institute of Advanced Legal Studies of Faculty of Law, University of Macau. Over the years, Prof. TU has committed to the research on Private Inter-national/regional law, International Commercial Arbitration, International Commercial Law and Comparative Private Law (Law of Obligations: Medical Liability) and published a great number of books, journal articles and book chapters.