APAEM Seminar Series: Evolution of Digital Marketing Channels in Hospitality and Tourism

Prof. Rob Law (upper left), Ms. Zoe Chen (upper right), and Ms. Lynn Liu (lower middle)

On November 21, 2023, “APAEM Seminar Series: Evolution of Digital Marketing Channels in Hospitality and Tourism” was successfully held online. The seminar was hosted by the Asia-Pacific Academy of Economics and Management (APAEM) and co-hosted by the Department of Integrated Resort and Tourism Management (DRTM) of the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) of the University of Macau (UM). Ms. Zoe Chen, Market Director of Revenue Strategy, Bench Support, South China, Marriott International Inc., and Ms. Lynn Liu, New Media Project Manager, KEYFRAME Company, were invited to share their valuable industry experience.

The seminar commenced with an opening speech by Prof. Rob Law, Deputy Director of APAEM. He highlighted the significant transformation brought about by the increasing popularity of business applications on the Internet. Over the past decades, the evolution of marketing channels in the Internet era has played a pivotal role in various industries, including tourism and hospitality. Prof. Law delivered a speech titled “Distribution Channel in Hospitality and Tourism: Revisiting Disintermediation from the Perspectives of Hotels and Travel Agencies” and also moderated the discussion session. The two panelists and the moderator discussed the challenges and opportunities of digital marketing channels in the hospitality and tourism sector. Drawing from their extensive practical experience, Ms. Zoe Chen and Ms. Lynn Liu shared the latest industry developments. They explored the digital transformation of marketing channels within the industry and provided valuable insights and suggestions from different perspectives.

During the Q&A session, the online audience actively engaged with the panelists in discussing the current issues surrounding digital marketing in the hospitality and tourism industry, and an enthusiastic atmosphere prevailed. Ms. Chen, Ms. Liu, and the moderator shared the view that while the development of Internet technology has presented challenges, it has also created numerous opportunities for the hospitality and tourism sector. Industry practitioners should embrace technology and innovate their services in order to better cater to consumers’ needs and foster sustainable industry growth.

The seminar served as an interactive platform for industry practitioners and academics to discuss the current state of digital marketing in the hospitality and tourism industry. It attracted a diverse range of participants from the industry, as well as faculty members, researchers, and students from both local and international backgrounds. APAEM organizes such seminars annually to facilitate exchanges and discussions between scholars from various disciplines and industry representatives. These efforts aim to bridge the gap between academia and industry, foster mutual communication, and promote industry development.