CIIE joint event “Financing MSMEs and Dispute Managements”

Event highlights

Previsouly, one of the official event of the 4th China International Import Expo (CIIE) – “Financing MSMEs and Dispute Managements” forum held in Shanghai. This forum was hosted by the UNCITRAL RCAP, the Shanghai Arbitration Commission and the Chamber of International Commerce Shanghai (COICS). Representatives from domestic and foreign institutions, legal experts and scholars gathered to advice on the financing risk management and dispute resolution for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Since the emergence of local Covid-19 cases in September, the outbreak has affected the development of SMEs adversely in Macau. After the Macao SAR Government absorbed various views of the public, they will take eight measures for SMEs, included: subsidized bank loan interest payment, ease up on SMEs interest-free loan application requirements, extending the repayment period of interest-free loans, supporting banks to adjust the repayments within a reasonable scope, support financial institutions to provide free fee or rebates to SMEs, exempt government property rent and returns, provide lower tax rate for the property owners and grant assistance of 10,000 MOP to qualified enterprises and employees. A lot of SME owners and employees denoted that a series of policies was a godsend to them.

On November 9, 2021, the University of Macau Institute for Advanced Legal Studies and Asia Pacific Academy Economics and Management (APAEM) were all involved in an event at the Macau branch. Guangjian TU, Professor and doctoral tutor of Faculty of law, indicated that the UNCITRAL Expedited Arbitration Rules are suited to SMEs face financial risks and disputes. It provided an excellent template for arbitration institutions all around the world.

Prof. Tu noticed a dispute over dispute resolution, “Settling disputes between the company and outside, arbitration can play a crucial role. However, facing the disputes inside the company, arbitration is powerless or not, that is a question worth discussing with the Rules.” He expressed support for the financing of SMEs. “(The process of financing) may have some problems, I think that it is a flexible situation to decide what kind and what way in financing in a legal premise.”, he stated.

On that day, except the main venue in Shanghai, there were nearly 30 branches in other provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, and SARs. In all, thousands of people participated the forum online and offline. The event could be the largest scale of the legal/commercial arbitration industry with professionals.

Since the inception of the China International Import Expo in 2018, it has been focusing on the new trend of economic growth under a “dual circulation” development pattern and the opportunities and challenges under the change of global economic environment, point out the role and phased results of high-quality development with innovation. As one of the main supporting activities in law, this forum provides a platform for domestic and foreign legal experts and scholars to enhance exchanges and communication. To ensure the dynamic and sustainable market development by the force of law and to expand new economic growth space. At the same time, it showed the high quality and efficiency of China’s legal services to all society.