The 12th International Conference on Business Intelligence and Financial Engineering (BIFE 2023) The 3rd International Conference on Financial Technology (ICFT 2023) was held on 11 June at Beijing. The research team from the University of Macau (UM) APAEM: Sirui Lai, Hao Yu, Jinlin Lin and Rui Liang, led by Prof. Jerome YEN, were issued with the Excellent Paper Award: ChatGPT Based Credit Rating and Default Forecasting.

The research team aimed to explore credit rating and default forecasting methods based on ChatGPT. They delved into the natural language processing capabilities of ChatGPT and explored how to leverage this powerful technology to generate more accurate and reliable credit ratings. By constructing an input model consisting of five dimensions and 51 questions, they combined a large amount of unstructured data and sentiment analysis to comprehensively evaluate the risk profile of companies from multiple perspectives, effectively integrating ChatGPT into the credit rating process. The research findings demonstrated satisfactory accuracy and predictability of the model. Even in the absence of structured data from undisclosed financial reports, reasonable ratings can be generated, providing valuable insights for investors or business partners.

The award team appreciate their advisor Prof. Jerome YEN for his invaluable guidance and support, helping them enhance their research capabilities. This award is the result of fully support from APAEM as well as the hard work and dedication from the research team. The team’s intelligence, talent, and spirit of collaboration have been crucial to their success.