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Workshop on “Chinese economy under the ‘dual circulation’ strategy”

November 2021 Workshop in Shanghai, China

Organizer: Institute of World Economy, Fudan University

Co-organizer: Asia-Pacific Academy of Economics and Management, University of Macau



To cope with the momentum of deglobalization, China has put forward a new “dual circulation” strategy to “fully bring out the advantage of its super large market scale and the potential of domestic demand to establish a new development pattern featuring domestic and international dual circulations that complement each other.” Under this new strategy, how and in what specific areas will China reinforce its domestic economy reform and opening-up? How does the domestic policy affect firms’ performance in export and how does the trade policy affect firms’ domestic market activities?

Key Focus

To clearly interpret and understand the new development priority as well as its potential impact on the Chinese domestic market and economic exchange with the rest of world, the captioned workshop will be organized by the Institute of World Economy at Fudan University and co-organized by the Asia-Pacific Academy of Economics and Management at the University of Macau.

The workshop committee invites both theoretical and applied research papers, focusing on trade or Chinese domestic economy (especially for their relation) under the new arrangement. Some 10-15 papers will be selected for online presentations at the workshop.

Submission Process

Submissions must be in English with good data and solid methodology plus evidence-based policy recommendations or implications. Please send your full paper to fudansjs@163.com by October 8, 2021 (late submissions will not be considered). Corresponding authors of selected papers can expect an acceptance email for the workshop by mid-October 2021. Unselected papers will not be notified.